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Last update December 2007


Work on Kelp has finally been completed and version 1.0 is out there, ready for production use.
I am now using Kelp to document my work on DaNielS, therefore you should soon see version 0.4 being released.
As I develop DaNielS, I will also improve Kelp, so the two projects will be intimately related.


In order to analyse the source code and understand it, I have decided to develop unit tests and documentation. This decision was taken a few weeks ago and it proved right.

The unit tests are developed using a simple framework, inspired by minunit, a minimalistic C unit test framework developed by John Brewer at Jera Design.

The unit tests highlight the context in which the code executes and become a sort of tutorial on how to use the code

While documenting the source code, I decided to implement a paradigm called Separation of Concerns. According to this paradigm, the source code and its documentation should reside in separate files. This way the writing of the source code and its documentation can be carried out in the most appropriate way.

In order to support this new paradigm, I started developing a documentation system, kelp.

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